Soft Touch Handles, Pair

Soft Touch Handles, Pair


I was initially excited about these official Perception replacement handles for my 14.5 Carolina.

Unfortunately, these are almost a joke in that the top cover will not clip in and lock into place. Two flimsy, plastic prongs that have a nub at the end are supposed to grab onto another plastic notch and lock the cover shut.

However, there is so little room inside the cavity (where the rope is tied into a knot, and hidden by the light grey cover), that the two pieces just won't securely snap shut. I tried to tie the knot/s as small as possible, numerous times without luck. Overhand stopper knots; square knots, trimmed ends... no luck. The bulk of the rope simply wouldn't allow the piece to close all the way. If you do get it to close, you first notice that you never get a succinct "snap" sound, and then realize one end keeps wanting to separate. Looking at it did not instill confidence.

Not sure when it happened, but by the end of their inaugural trip in 2-3 foot waves on Lake Erie, one of the covers went missing.

The original handles were so much beefier and better. Sad.
Date Added: 07/27/2020 by Allen L.
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