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AirPro MAX Seat (ATAK and RADAR)

In Stock: 3


Model: CNF-9800915 (6C1)
Brand: Wilderness Systems

Price: $499.99

Weight: 39lbs

This seat comes with metal wing brackets mounted to each side of the seat frame. This feature is not shown in the photo above! See the Wing Bracket ... more info
Camping Hawaii

In Stock: 1


Model: 0-8248-1904-7 (6U5)
Brand: Books

Price: $19.95

Weight: 2lbs

A detailed look at 120 campgrounds on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and the Big Island with a handy rundown on Hawaii's geography, climate and ... more info
Commander 140 Cockpit Cover

In Stock: 3


Model: Z-CNF-CO-8023427 (9A2)
Brand: Wilderness Systems

Price: $119.99

Weight: 4.8lbs

Use the the Commander 14 full kayak cover to keep rain water, dirt, bugs and critters out of the kayak during storage and car topping. Made ... more info

In Stock: 9


Model: JAG-ER-45455-B (2A1)
Brand: General Merchandise

Price: $44.99

Weight: 0.95lbs

Best used as a replacement Neoprene Hatch Cover for the bow of Easy Rider kayaks. This hatch comes labeled as Sea Hawk bow and should fit some ... more info

In Stock: 6

... more info

Model: NE-B126 (CR1)
Brand: Nautical

Price: $11.99

Weight: 0.45lbs

Strong mesh net drawstring bag, great for organization of paddle sports gear, car top rack straps, on deck water bottle holder, snorkel and fishing ... more info
OK Cargo-Hatch Strap

In Stock: 19


Model: OK-07-2046-0000 (8E2)
Brand: Ocean Kayak

Price: $5.99

Weight: 0.89lbs

Use as a new or replacement cargo strap, hatch strap or backrest deck strap. Common on Ocean Kayak brand boats (same as OK part number ... more info
Paddle Keepers, by Surf to Summit

In Stock: 2


Model: STS-KAC903 (PR1)
Brand: Surf To Summit

Price: $17.99

Weight: 0.7lbs

Attach these keepers to any strap eye along the gunwale with the simple strapping clip to hold paddles or fishing rods securely on the side of the ... more info
Pamlico 135 Stern Bulkhead

In Stock: 1


Model: CNF-9800652 (3A4)
Brand: Wilderness Systems

Price: $71.99

Weight: 3.25lbs

Replacement stern bulkhead for the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 tandem kayak. Bulkhead is 22 x11.5 x 2 inches. It may bear the ... more info
Pre 2010 Touring Skeg Blade

In Stock: 20


Model: KBX-7070-6000 (3A2)
Brand: Confluence Watersports

Price: $129.99

Weight: 1.4lbs

Replacement Skeg Blade for Confluence brand sea kayaks; Wilderness Systems Tempest, Perception Essence, and Dagger Alchemy, circa 2010 and ... more info
Sit-On-Top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide

In Stock: 452


Model: 0-9668655-0-2 (6U5)
Brand: Books

Price: $14.95

Weight: 0.75lbs

Learn the fundamentals of sit-on-top kayaking in this simple and easy to read guide. Book Description: In just 96 pages this new paperback introduces ... more info

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WS Phase2 Seat Bottom Structure
WS Phase2 Seat Bottom Structure
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