Close Cell Foam

Close Cell Foam
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Close cell foam (aka minicell foam) is for kayak outfitting and customization. Use for bulkheads, hip pads, thigh pads, reinforcement, seating and many other applications. GENERICOUT

Cut and shape to fit any need! Use a hack saw blade, dry wall saw, or band saw to cut. Fine tune shape with a Stanely Sureform Plane. A router can be used to carve relief slots. Glue with EM 89 adhesive-sealant, alternatively use DAP Weldwood contact cement for pads, Lexel for bulkheads, as well as 3M 5200 Adhesive Sealant.

Assorted sizes, please select from menu.
.25x12x24 inch sheet $9.00, thigh pads and outfitting.
.5x12x12 inch sheet $9.00, hip pads and outfitting.
.5x12x24 inch sheet $11.00, thigh pads and outfitting.
1x12x12 inch block $11.00, hip pads and outfitting.
1x12x24 inch slab $16.00, seating and outfitting.
2x12x12 inch block $16.00, hip pads and outfitting.
2x12x24 inch slab $30.00, bulkhead and reinforcement.
4x12x24 inch block $59.00, bulkhead and reinforcement.
Available stock levels and price factors for each option will show in the menu.

See more Self-Adhesive and Regular Close Cell Foam options. WHITEH2O

The 24 x 12 x 2 inch foam can be used for replacement of the original Necky foam kayak seat cushion (use self-adhesive for back support), as described in Atlantic Coastal Kayaker Magazine, Nov-Dec 2015, vol. 24, No. 8, Back Issue. Use this link to order Atlantic Coastal Kayaker Magazine Back Issues.

See the Confluence Bulkhead and Hatch Rim Sealing Video
See the Bulkhead How-To Cut Video (band saw not required!)
Use this link to the Wave Sport Bulkhead Footrest - Foam Template
Use this link to see Thigh Hook thigh braces made of foam
See the DYI Bulkhead How-To Video (alternative process)

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