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Push Rivet
  • Model: ITW-PR-123 (1S9/5C4)
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Plastic Push Rivets, aka Pine Tree Rivets, comes in several sizes, sold as single rivets. Typically they are a no-tools-no-drilling mounting hardware used for a pre molded or pre drilled hole. They are used for seat pads, and other kayak features like side net bags and thigh pads. The ridges on the shank will fit very snuggly into the hole and resist removal. Insertion is easy, removal may require some prying and pulling with hand tools and will probably damage the rivet.

Please carefully select your size below before putting into shopping cart. It is wise to remove one from the kayak and compare to the photo.

Short, Confluence part number 9820103: (left) 5/8 in. long, ¾ in. head. Round ridges, 5/16 diameter shank, pointed end. Will fit into a .25 in. drilled hole. Common on some newer Wilderness Systems Tarpon kayak seat pads and Perception kayaks outfitted Zone Seating. Used for Knee Pad Kits on recreational Perception brand kayaks. (alt 30700020, 9800427, ITW 39065005-04004D)
Long, Confluence part number 9800255, Johnson part number 01-1315-3590, ITW part number M39-0630: (middle) 13/16 in. long, ¾ in. head. Round ridges, 5/16 diameter shank, pointed end. Will fit into a .25 in. drilled hole. Common on Old Town kayak seats (part number 01.1315.3590), also Perception, Mad River and Wilderness Systems kayaks. Used for Tarpon and Mad River seat pads, net side pockets on Search kayaks and the Phase3 Seating. (alt part number 3140-0101, ITW 39063010-C3004D)
Skinny, Confluence part number 9800339: (right) 7/16 in. long, ¾ in. head. Square ridges, ¼ diameter shank, blunt end. Common for seat pads on older Wilderness Systems Tarpon kayaks, as well as the Perception Search and the Mad River synergy. Will fit into a smaller drilled hole. (alt 30300006) ZZ-OO

Please Note: The above use suggestions are not absolute. Any type of Push Rivet, in any size, can be found on any make, model or year of kayak. It is up to you select the correct size Push Rivet based on your own measurements and needs. These are best used on existing pre-molded or pre-drilled holes. Take extra care if drilling new holes. Push rivets should fit very snuggly into drilled holes. Drill a test hole in scrap to ensure a good fit. Extra Push Rivets are wise to have on hand. Contact the kayak maker for tech support as needed.
Sold as singles. The photo shows all three sizes, side-by-side, for comparison. Select size from menu (Only in stock items will show on menu.) ITW Nexus

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