Tour Backrest Pad

Tour Backrest Pad
  • Model: STS-KTR603 (8C4/SR8)
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Fits the widest range of sit-on and sit-in kayak seat backs! It quickly straps on over a seat back, adding padding and a soft fabric pocket. Can be used as a replacement pad for many sit-in-side kayak back supports. The Tour Back, formerly called the Tarpon Backrest with cargo pocket, is 14 in. wide by 10 in. tall. See a video showing the same mounting straps on a similar pad. See a Photo of the Strap Detail.

This is the best option to replace the Black Neoprene Fabric Slip Cover with the Perception Logo common on older Perception kayaks outfitted with the Classic 10 Inch Perception Seat Back Support. or the very similar 10 inch Classic Aquaterra Seat Back. The Tour Back Pad can also be used to replace the Classic Perception Seat Back Cover (9 inch) common on Perception kayaks outfitted with the Classic Perception Seat Back (9 inch). These classic seat back covers are all discontinued now.   PERRECTOUR DAGTOURWWREC

A zippered cargo pocket hangs off the back providing 320 cubic inches of storage, made of fabric, folds flat when not in use. This is similar to the discontinued original Aquaterra-Perception Nylon Seat Back Cover with a Net Bag on the Back.

The Tour Backrest Pad is compatible with older Wilderness Systems such as the sit-on-top Tarpon range of kayaks, shown here with Tour Seat Pad. Fits most older Aquaterra and Perception touring and recreational kayaks of the 1990s and into the 21st century.

The Tour Seat Back Pad is the best possible seat back cushion replacement option for many older Dagger kayak with textured seats, such as the Dagger Zydeco and Blackwater . This seat pad can be used on a wide range of other Dagger kayaks too. All the older Dagger one-piece seat cushions are discontinued. Use this back pad in combination with Tour Seat Bottom Pad to replace these older seat covers. Use this seat back cushion to replace just the discontinued Dagger seat back pad. GENERICOUT

Tour Seat Bottom Pad and Seat Back Cover are Sold Separately. Lifetime Guarantee.

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