Mad River Wood Gunwale INFO

Mad River Wood Gunwale INFO
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While it is possible special order modern wood gunwales, 8060211 Kerfed and 8060200 Kerfed-Slotted, from Mad River there are some concerns. The information on this page should be applicable to other brands, such as Old Town. Read this page all the way through to the end for all options.

Use this link for all other Wooden Canoe Parts.

Wooden gunwales from Mad River would be compatible with the most recently made Mad River canoes. We do not know how compatible these would be on much older canoes (or canoes of different brands). 

The available gunwales are for modern Mad River canoes made in the 21st century, assumed to come as Kerf or Non-kerf and Slotted. The outwales and the inwales are sometimes the same, sometimes different, mostly square or rectangular in cross section.

Ash Wood Gunwales, 17 – 19 feet long, to be used as full length outwales and-or inwales, are estimated to cost well over $100 each piece. We would have to check on current prices. Expect prices to raise. A canoe would have four of them. The shipping charge is assumed to be about $350 or more for 1 to 4 rails. Gunwales must be shipped to a U.S.A. Mad River dealer (NOT to a consumer) often with a canoe order only. Other shipping problems for such an odd shape and size package may arise!

You will have to pick-up here in New Hampshire, or arrange a 2nd round of over sized shipping.

To replace the entire Gunwales on a Mad River Canoe could cost well over $900 to purchase four gunwales + shipping charges to TopKayaker, and a $45.00 Handling Charge. This assumes a pick-up at TopKayaker in New Hampshire. Your order would have to be prepaid in full and is non-refundable, no returns or cancelations. Pick-up address is in New Hampshire. Allow at least 6-8 weeks or more from purchase date till pick-up.

For more Info see:
Mad River Gunwale FAQs
Mad River Gunwale Repair Guide
Mad River Canoe Repair and Maintenance
Gunwale Restoration Video

Rather than special order parts from Mad River it would be best to check with your local source of specialty woods, like a lumber yard for fine wood workers, including boat builders.

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association might be a good resource for supplies and canoe repair servicesEd's Canoe and Umiak Outdoor Outfitters, both in Vermont, might also be source of parts and-or information.

2024 Prices for Wood Gunwales by Mad River part number:
A canoe will typically need four pieces for complete restoration, less if lucky.
8060211: 17 foot Non-Kerfed Wood Inwale 3/4x3/4 for Royalex up to 16.5': $138.99 
8060228: 17 foot Wood Gunwale, Kerfed Outwale for Composite up to 16.5': $139.99 
8060200: 17 foot Wood Gunwale Slotted Inwale for Canoes up to 16.5': Discontinued!
8060212: 19 foot Wood Non-Kerfed, Inwale 5/8x5/8 for Royalex up to 18.5': $140.99 
8060229: 19 foot Gunwale, Kerfed Outwale for Composite up to 18.5': Discontinued!
5035017: 19 foot Ash Gunwale, Kerfed Outwale for Composite up to 18.5': $141.99 
Shipping and handling is NOT included in the above prices.

Cane Seats can be repaired if the wood frame is OK. Bring to a local chair caning service or get the caning supplies and do it yourself.
Classic Cane Seat Video
Common Cane Seat Video

Mad River Wood Canoe Deck INFORMATION:
8060400 Malecite
8060401 Explorer Kevlar
8060402 Explorer 16 Royalex - Discontinued!
8060403 Freedom 16 & 17
8060404 Angler 14
8060405 Freedom Solo
8060406 Heritage* 15 & 17
8060415 Wood Screws for deck, see also 8060220 and 8060218
Search this site by part number to find available decks.
*Some evidence suggests that the Mad River Duck Hunter canoe might be the same as the Heritage. Mad River Tahoe and Angler canoes may also be same or similar to the Heritage, but expect plastic decks and vinyl or aluminum gunwales with wood thwarts and seats.

Link to Mad River Canoe Videos, including Aluminum Gunwale Replacement. Contact us about replacement aluminum gunwales that we have in stock but are not online.

Contact us about replacement wood gunwales, assumed to be mahogany outwales, for an Old Town canoe, that we have in stock but are not online. They are 16 foot 6 inches long by 1 inch by 1 inch. The cross section is somewhat trapezoid with one side being 7/8 of an inch.

The Lashing Kit for Wood Gunwales 8023344 (formerly part no. 8062010) has been discontinued. It is used to securely hold flotation bags in place. The Mad River Lash Kit included 100 feet of para cord, 32 pad eyes, and 64 stainless steel wood screws This was enough to secure two end bags or a center bag. For best results use screws for wood gunwales OR rivets for synthetic vinyl rails. A Kit for Vinyl Gunwales, with Rivets, is available.

Link to more canoe videos by Main Tripper, that have not been fully reviewed by the TopKayaker staff, but appear to be of interest for wood and canvas canoes, Mad River Royalex canoes with wood trim and Old Town canoes.

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