Keepers Foot Peg, 2 Pack

Keepers Foot Peg, 2 Pack
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One Pair of replacement Keepers Foot Pegs for lost or broken foot peg. The Keeper foot brace system is very common on a wide range of kayak brands. Found mostly on Perception kayaks, Keepers are also found on other brands, such as Aquaterra, Mainstream, Dagger and Islander. Keepers are used on modern Wilderness Systems sit-on-top, circa 2009 to date. Other brands of kayaks, such as Old Town, P&H Kayaks (circa 1990s) and Eddyline may also have been outfitted with Keepers, particularly if older. Keeper foot pegs were yellow for a time, circa 2004.

Keepers Foot PegKeepers Foot Pegs can be used for rudder systems. Pegs used on older models may need to be trimmed, it is easy to do, see how: Keepers Foot Peg for Rudder Video. (If you need printed instructions ask for them in the comments box at check-out.) Commonly called a Keepers foot peg, the true name of this foot peg is Keeper. The reason for this is the Keeper5 foot peg. The small lettering was often misread as plural, with the number 5 looking like the letter S. The current Keeper foot peg is the Keeper6. There is no significant difference between the 5 and the 6 (please see the video link above). Little is known of older Keeper foot pegs. If you have trouble replacing the Keeper5 with the Keeper6, on kayaks with rudders, the cause of the problem is the trimming (see the video link above) or the orientation of the control cables. 

CNF-9800165-A.jpgThis is a PAIR of Keepers Foot Pegs from Confluence (aka: Perception, Aquaterra, Wilderness Systems, Islander, Mainstream and Dagger). Same foot peg as part numbers 9800812. (Alternative part numbers 9800812, 9810113, 9810121, 9800165 and 9800812) If this product is out of stock please consider the Keepers Foot Brace Kit or the single Keeper Foot Peg for use as your replacement parts.

The Keeper foot peg (aka foot pad) has an adjustment trigger on the back. Left and Right are the Same. Sold as a Pair.

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