Keepers Foot Brace Kit

Keepers Foot Brace Kit
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Use the Keepers Foot Brace Kit for kayaks that do not have foot braces. Perfect for kit kayaks. Mounting and installation instructions, for a non-rudder application, are included. (Hardware not shown.) Can also be used as replacement parts for lost foot pegs and cracked rails. Keepers are very common and found on most Perception, Dagger Mainstream and Islander, as well as other brand kayaks such as modern Wilderness Systems sit-on-tops, Older P&H Kayaks (circa 1990s) and Old Town kayaks circa year 2000. These can be used for home built kayaks too or as an upgrade for modern P&H Kayaks. Keepers are a fixed foot brace system, adjustable for leg length. Keepers Slider Tracks are needed for rudder applications. A minor adaption may be needed to the foot peg. See more: Keepers Foot Peg for Rudder Video

Keepers foot braces are made of plastic and come with screws commonly used for mounting to sit-in-side kayaks. The rails are 15 5/8 inches long by 1.5 inch wide, by 5/8 inch deep. Bolt holes on ends are 14 5/8 inches on center, one additional hole off center. Access inside sit-on-top kayaks may be tricky, plan carefully. Use Over-Size Well-Nuts for sit-on-top kayaks or other fasteners approximately 1 inch long. Ny-lock nuts and stainless steel screws with washers are recommended if you can reach inside. Many sit-on-top kayaks have foot brace nuts pre-molded in the footwells.

The updated Keepers Foot Brace rails, included with this kit, may not be compatible with an older rudder systems. Instructions for rudder adaptation of foot pegs and rails are enclosed with each kit. Those without rudders can ignore this issue. The Keepers foot peg has not changed and is identical to all the older versions. (Alternative part number 8023039)

See standard Keepers Instructions applicable to most non rudder sit-in-side kayaks.

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