Necky Seat Pad INFO

Necky Seat Pad INFO
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The seat cushions on this page have been discontinued by Johnson Watercraft, the company that owns the Necky brand. This page is left here for your reference. The TopKayaker staff has substitution options, please see below. Necky Touring Seat Pad Kit

This seat came in two types.First Generation (black color with fabric finish, shown left) and Necky Seat Pad INFOSecond Generation (gray rubber shown top and right). This seat pad was often called the Touring Seat. Both types were used for some Necky white water kayaks and touring kayaks. The 2nd Gen gray rubber cushion was used for some Necky Vector sit-on-top kayaks.

At this time our best solution is the Foam Touring Seat, and-or some Close Cell Foam that you can shim with thin pieces or sculpt into a full seat pad with thicker pieces. While not tested or documented, there could be an option to bring a more or less sound seat cushion, that is beginning to fail (surface deterioration), to a marine upholstery shop to have it covered with fabric or completely rebuilt from scratch. 

The First Generation (Black, with fabric finish) seat was common in Necky touring kayaks, circa first few years of the 21st century, up to 2006. Sometimes called the Classic Necky Seat Pad it was common on Necky touring kayaks such as the Zoar Sport. It fit onto a metal seat frame about 19 inches across ID. Seat pad was 16 inches front to back, 21.5 inches at the widest, and Highly contoured. Similar to the 2nd Gen below. This seat was NOT found on the Necky Vector sit-on-top kayak.

The Second Generation (Gray Rubber) seat was common in Necky touring kayaks, circa 2006 to date, models: Chatham, Elaho, Elias, Eliza Looksha Elite composite and Vector sit-on-top. Seat was 16 inches front to back, 18 inches side to side and Highly contoured. Necky part numbers 07.3408.0000 and 07.1831.0000. It was made of molded foam rubber. Designed specifically to reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve and to prevent your feet and legs from falling asleep when you're paddling longer distances. The seat pad did not retain water. Came with Velcro strips on the bottom and-or extra large push rivet(s). Necky sit-in kayaks were outfitted with a Seat Frame used in conjunction with this pad. A seat frame may or may not be needed for some custom applications. NECKOUT SEAASSY

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