McNett Aquaseal

McNett Aquaseal
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The industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wet suits, dry suits and all water sports products. The flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. When cured (dry) Aquaseal is a thick, clear, elastic urethane rubber. Apply Aquaseal to a hole or tear and allow curing over a period of hours, usually 8-12. Aquaseal cures by reacting with humidity in the air. It doesn't 'dry' the way other glues do. It changes from a thick liquid to a thick, flexible, elastic rubber. Once cured, it’s permanent. The repair will generally last the life of the item. Sold in a 3/4 oz tube.

DIRECTIONS: SEAM SEALING: PREP: Clean surface with Cotol- 240T Cure Accelerator & Pre-Cleaner or rubbing Alcohol. Non-fabric surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper then cleaned.

APPLY: Apply a 1/16" thick bead overlapping seams by at least 1/4". DRY: Let dry overnight (approximately 8 to 12 hours-may be longer in low humidity). For 2-hour dry time, mix small batches of Aquaseal with Cotol-240. Apply with disposable brush.

CLEAN UP: Aquaseal will dry (cure) and flake off hands. Washing hands in soap and water will accelerate curing. Uncured Aquaseal can be partially removed with a coarse cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. For easiest clean up, wear disposable rubber gloves. STORAGE: Advance contents to tube neck. Wipe clean and replace original cap securely. Store partially used tube in freezer.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS & TIPS: CREATE AN ABRASION PATCH Prep surface by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Insert wood or other rigid object to create a flat, taut surface. Apply cellophane tape to create outline for abrasion patch. Apply a thin coat 01 Aquaseal with a disposable plastic knife or brush. Wait 45 minutes and remove tape. Do not leave tape on longer or It will bond to patch! Allow Aquaseal to dry on a level surface overnight.

KAYAK SPRAY SKIRTS Apply Aquaseal to repair and reinforce your spray skirt at the key high-wear areas: 1) Outside rim; 2) Top stretch point; 3) Taped seam; 4) Inside rim; 5) Outside edge damage from paddle.

California WARNING: Using this product will expose you to toluene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm

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