Old Town Space Hatch INFO

Old Town Space Hatch INFO
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Discontinued Product! Left here for your reference. Old Town has stopped stocking this Tempress made Space Hatch as replacement part. Please contact Tempress for original parts, such as gaskets and knobs.

If you have a lost the Hatch Cover (or broken the hinge) read the information below.

Retrofit Option (for Old Town kayaks that were outfitted with a Space Hatch, large or small):

The original hatch rim must be removed. The opening in the deck MUST be closed or reduced in size. Use this link for a Hatch Patch Panel. Once this is done you can install a common round hatch as described below:

Replace the large 17 inch version Space Hatch with the Hatch Patch Panel and the 10 Inch Performance Hatch Lid and Ring for replacement of the large size.

Replace the small 11 inch version Space Hatch with the Hatch Patch Panel and the 6 In. Hatch Lid and Ring, Recreational (Kajak 15cm).

TopKayaker has a small supply of Space Rims. Rims can be used to replace a cracked rim or broken hinge. Otherwise contact Tempress for original parts such as gaskets and knobs.

Rim Replacement for Plastic Kayaks (at Pinterest) will address the hatch patch panel as a "donut". This process is applicable to the Space Hatch retrofit described on this page.

For hatch retrofit instructions and other deck plate and hatch kit options. See our Installing the Cobra A Hatch article to provide insight into how this is to be done.

Retrofit Option (for Old Town Trip Kayak only): It is possible to retrofit the Old Town Trip kayak and Old Town Trip Angler kayak with the Vapor 10 Hatch Cover Kit. It will end up looking like the Old Town Vapor XT. Use links to left for more information. Important! The Vapor 10 Hatch will not seal out water! This kit can be used to secure loose cargo, for cosmetic reasons and possibly customized following the principles at this link: Maintenance Of Large Cargo Kayak Hatches

The product information below is left here for reference. The Old Town Space Hatch  was made by Tempress Marine Products. The hinged hatch cover can dis-connect from the rim mounted on the kayak deck. Cover can snap on and off! The Large Hatch has two twist latches and hinges. Large Cover was 17 in. long by 12.25 in. at the widest. Large Rim-Flange has 14 holes, same dimensions as cover. Old Town Large Hatch part number was 01.1315.3502. aka TMP-60001. Small Hatch was 11 in. long by 8 in. at the widest, just one knob, (part number 01.1315.3501). The Space Hatch product originally came as a rim flange and removable cover lid with knob(s).

The Space Hatch was the replacement for the rubber egg shape hatch cover now also discontinued, found on some Necky kayaks as well as some Old Town kayaks that were outfitted with the same egg shape rubber hatch (circa 1st years of the 21st century) also large and small sizes. We are hoping that Kajak Sport or Sea-Lect (companies that copy hatch covers) will copy this rubber hatch, if they do so this would be the best possible retrofit option for the large and small Space Hatch.

Many kayaks were installed with a foam rubber gasket under the rim-flange. You may be better served by using clear silicone sealant under the rim/flange. Foam rubber gaskets will compress over time and fail. See how to at Installing A Kayak Hatch.

See related article: Kayak Hatch Replacement Options Part II - Deck Plates.

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